The Origins of Halloween Reply

    Madison Evans and Jolie Phan    

Trick or treat! Halloween’s right around the corner! Kids can dress up as a ghost, zombie, or mummy. No, that all sound so old! Speaking of old, when did Halloween start and how did everything come together into what we now know as Halloween?

The word “Halloween” was popularized by a Scottish poet, Robert Burns, in his poem “Halloween,” with “Hallow” meaning “a holy person” and “een” meaning “eve!¨ Halloween is celebrated the night before All Saint’s Day, like Christmas and Christmas Eve.

Halloween started as a holiday known as Allhallowtide, including All Saint’s Eve, All Saint’s Day, and All Saint’s subsequent, which celebrates dead loved ones.

It was originally celebrated in the early spring, until Pope Gregory IV (the fourth) switched it to November 1st in 837, during the early years of the Christian church. No one knows for sure why he changed it, but there is a theory that it was due to Celtic traditions and influences. Historians now know All Saint’s eve as Halloween.

Samhain, another Celtic tradition, however, was celebrated at summer’s end to celebrate the dead. Samhain was celebrated in Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. The Celts believed that this day was when the “veil” between our world and the underworld thinned, making it easier for the spirits and souls to get through to our world. Allhallowtide and Samhain were joined together by traditions and is now Halloween. The Celtics left food out as offerings to get on the “good side” of their ancestors and other spirits.

Speaking of food, bobbing for apples was not only just a party game in ancient Celtic traditions. Halloween is thought to be known for its pumpkins, but apples go further back. Celtic traditions say that women wrote men’s names on apples and tossed them into a bucket of water. They then dunked their heads into the bucket, and whoever they picked was destined to be their future spouse.

Halloween is a great holiday! So, get your costumes and bags ready and buy some full-size candy bars! Let’s get spooky!


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