Welcome to SMS VFC Club 1

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Adrian Nguyen Dinh

Are you interested in learning about Vietnamese culture? Well if so, you´re in great luck! Stacey is hosting a Vietnamese Cultural Club called VFC.

VFC first met on October 5th and there was a great turn out. The club´s next meeting will be October 19, so if anyone hasn’t already joined, they need to come on by.

The club meets every other Friday in Mrs. Phan’s classroom.  This year, the club will be teaching different folk games, listening to Vietnamese music, and trying out different food.

Meeting attendee Aden Nguyen said, “The club is amazing and has a sense of Vietnamese people.  I think it will help others to learn about the Vietnamese society.”

Mrs. Phan says, “I am very excited to share my classroom and culture with the students at Stacey Middle School.  I am very proud of the group of students who are taking the lead in sharing their knowledge and excitement for the Vietnamese culture.  I hope that all students at Stacey will join us in the festivities.”

One comment

  1. Ok, I know that I’m extremely late, but I just have to say that I’m in MHS VSA, + SMS VFC is way much better than MHS VSA! In VSA, a slide is shown + you get 10 minutes after the meeting to be with your friends. Most of the time that you get to bond with VSA members are spent in clubs events. I’ve barely been to any club events, so I barely know anyone in the jam-packed VSA. I low-key wish that I can go back to SMS + join their VFC Club!!!!


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