Indonesia is Quaking Reply

Screenshot 2018-10-11 at 9.37.46 AM.png

Kirra Kirby and Ashley Wolf

Less than two months after a deadly earthquake struck Lombok island in Indonesia, another one hit the island nation’s Central Sulawesi, killing over 2,000 people and causing others to go missing.

There were so many lives lost in this event that cemeteries ran out of space, and mass graves had to be dug. One survivor said, “ I was hugging my wife when the wave came, I immediately lost her.”

On Friday, September 21, at 5:02 am, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit. Over 600 people were hospitalized and 48,000 displaced, and as rescue crews are searching for survivors, the numbers continue to rise daily.

World vision manager Radhika Pinto says, “I’m afraid the death toll is going to continue to rise dramatically. The smell of death is in the air.” This large quake triggered 10-foot tsunami waves which flooded many homes and buildings.

With these two natural disasters, Central Sulawesi was a mess. Multiple towns and villages were destroyed. When the earthquake hit, multiple prisons were damaged, and over 1,000 inmates from five prisons escaped.

The city of Palu went days without power and clean water, which leads to multiple thefts, long queues for fuel and, desperate scenes at the city’s airport. In the residential area of Patobo, 744 homes were buried in mud and debris.

In Sigi, south of Palu, the bodies of 34 children were found buried in mud at a church. The children were attending “Bible Camp” when the earthquake hit and the waves came in.    

Hopefully, soon the country will be back to normal, with its surreal nature, calm beautiful oceans, wonderful architecture, and happy tourists and locals. 

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