Whaaat’s Up with Kirk?? 1

Savannah McVey and Dylan Webber

Mrs. Kirk, the current assistant principal at Stacey Middle School, has already had a very successful career.

She attended Florida A&M University majoring in mathematics and mechanical engineering. Mrs. Kirk attended Florida A&M due to the long-lived tradition in her family for all women to attend and graduate from A&M. She always had a love for engineering without even knowing it.

Eager to fix everything broken in the house and having a love for taking things apart, it was always a part of her. Kirk explained that it was a very tough major, requiring hard work and dedication, but it was worth every second. The classes were very fun because she always had a love for hands-on activities.

After graduating college she went on to design cars and blueprints at general motors. This was great because Mrs. Kirk absolutely loves cars, more specifically German engineering. Ferrari and Lamborghini, are two of her favorites.

“They’re fantastic, I love the engineering and design that goes into a beautiful vehicle like them,¨ she states. She worked at General Motors from 1990-1995. She then moved on to working as a mechanical engineer at F&C Orlando. Working there was not her passion, bringing her extreme boredom. This is when she decided to be a teacher.

All her life people had told her to be a teacher. From tutoring students and helping them more than the teacher, and from past experiences with her math teacher not being the best, she was made for it.

Mrs. Kirk has a great passion for teaching and a great love for her students. She loves being able to teach kids and watch them bloom into the person they are going to be. She states, “I love helping kids and giving them a touch of grace and care.”

If she loved teaching so much then why did she become an administrator? Everyone at her previous school recommended her when the position came up to be the Stacey Middle School Vice Principal. Now she can help students in a different way, teaching them in a more disciplinary manor.

She describes, “The pace is faster and the work is harder, but am I loving it? Definitely.” Her dullest days at the school are the ones where she is cooped up in the office not being able to socialize and interact with all of the pupils.

She was very excited for Club Rush at Stacey, being able to make an hour where kids helped younger classmates learn, and watch the shy ones come out of their shell. So far Mrs. Kirk’s first year at Stacey is eventful and exciting. “I’m very excited for what the future holds, all of these kids growing into better people and me being a part of it humbles me.”

When asked if she’d like to add anything, she responded with, “I am honored to be a part of the youth, thank you, students, for all of the love and positive vibes. I’m so ecstatic to see the future of Stacey Middle School.”  

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