Club Rush and BBQ 2

Gwyndalynn Kent, Ashley Wolf, and Kirra Kirby

Every school has their own collection of fun and cool clubs to join. So, to showcase all of the clubs, Stacey held a ¨Club Rush and Barbeque.  “There were stations handing out flyers for each club. Students could also find hot dogs, ping pong, foosball, and dip and dots! Just in case you missed it, here is a list of all the incredible clubs that kids can join:

Anime Club

Book Club

Builders Club

Cooking Club

Animation Club

Cougars for Christ

Rubix Cube Club

Dance Club

Triathlon Club

Archery Club

Badminton Club

Volleyball Club

Math Peer Tutoring Club

Gay-Straight Alliance Club

Coding Club

Basketball Club

Girl power Club

Gardening Club

Gaming Club

Original Gaming Club

Grit 100 Club

Ukulele Club

So, if there is a club that students are interested in joining, they just need to listen to the morning announcements for more information on new upcoming meetings or events each one has planned.  Also, stay tuned to the Cougar Chronicle because we post stories about club events and sports events throughout the year. Have a great year cougars, and hopefully, you can join one or two clubs this year.


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