ASB Elections from a Student’s View 4

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Madison Evans and Jolie Phan

This year, many candidates ran for the ASB office this year. Give it up for our new President, Leanne Le, and our Vice President, Kayleen Tran, and our treasurer and secretary, Jasmyn Schubert, and Ethan Tran. There is no doubt that this will be another great year at Staconia!

The journalism team interviewed many students. Some voted for Allison Davis, who did not win. One student said she was, ¨a trustworthy and kind student who would get things done if she won for president.¨

For vice president, Summer Boren and Alyson Boren said that they voted for Avery Taumoefolau because ¨she is a very enthusiastic and energetic person and she´s also a good friend to both of us.¨ Lastly, coming from Ms. Walters, Ethan Tran was the best candidate running for a secretary because ¨he is very respectful and helpful.¨

When asked how students got onto the ballot for an ASB office, Sarah Sumrall, a Leadership student, answered, “It started at the beginning of the school year in Leadership with Mrs. Doyle” She added, “Mrs. Doyle asked if anyone wanted to run, and they raised their hands if the did, whoever wanted to run got to.”

Next, she explained how the selections for the candidates worked. Sarah gladly answered, “The selections from each grade and then they made a speech and announced it on the speaker.”  Finally, when asked how she knew these candidates were Sarah said that to be in Leadership, you have to be a responsible, trustworthy, and kind person. 

Stacey is full of enthusiastic students who are aware of who is running and who to trust as our new student body. This was a great opportunity to see what students thought about the candidates and get an inside look on Leadership.


  1. I don’t think there was a lot of people who ran in leadership but it was countable so maybe put the number of people who ran, just saying and I’m trying to give you some constructive criticism. :\


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