Huntington Beach Airshow Reply

Gwyn Kent and Ashley Wolf

Did you see all those planes whizzing around recently? If you didn’t then you definitely heard them. It’s because the Huntington Beach airshow was baack! It was the 3rd time Surf City has hosted The Great Pacific Airshow. It was held on Oct. 19th-Oct.21st at 11am-4pm all three days.

Image result for socom para-commandos

To get the show started, like always the SOCOM Para Commandos came swooping down and over the crowd, just to get everyone’s attention gathered. The SOCOM Para-Commandos are the only joint service parachute demonstration team in the U.S. military and only a few heavily trained people are chosen for it after loads of training. More…

Peter Pan Cast List Reply

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Ashley Wolf

Ready to be taken to the wonderful world of Neverland? Students can have sword fights with pirates, fly with fairies, swim with mermaids, and never grow up? All students need is faith, trust, and pixie dust . . . and a ticket.

West Arts Productions is starting their fall show. If you haven’t already guessed, they will be doing Peter Pan.  The shows will be performed on January 31st, February 1st, 7th, and 8th of 2019. Tickets are ten dollars for adults and eight dollars for seniors and students.

Auditions were held on October 2nd and the cast list was released on the West Arts Production website on October 5th. The following list shows all of the wonderful students portraying the iconic characters from Peter Pan. More…

Riverdale Reject 1

Dear Sam,

I really want to go trick or treating for Halloween with the Riverdale group, but my “friends” are saying I can’t go with them. They are dressing up as these characters from a popular show called Riverdale and they had no one for Veronica and I asked if I could as her. They laughed and said no. Now I have no one to go with for Halloween, I don’t want to go alone! I should never ask because now they aren’t even talking to me, and I’m staying in for Halloween. Please help, Sam!


Riverdale Reject

Dear Riverdale Reject,

First of all, you aren’t a reject, you just are in a friend situation. You should first tell these “friends” that laughing at you wasn’t kind and try to make up with them and see why they said that. If they were just being mean, then step out of your comfort zone and talk to other people. Ask questions and be interested in what they have to say, even if they seem to not like you because that probably isn’t true. Most people are just are uncomfortable and unsure what to do when they meet new people. You might be surprised at what great friends you will make. I did the same thing, and the person I talked to is now my best friend. After doing this, just simply ask a question like, “What are you going to be for Halloween?” That lead to, “Oh, that sounds cool. Can I go with you?” And if they are a true friend then they will 100 percent say yes. This will not only lead to you not being lonely for Halloween, but you might find amazing friends that have your back and will always be there for you. Hope this helps!



Meet Nellie Nguyen; Student Extraordinaire 11

Nellie Nguyen
Avalyn Walton

Every student strives to have good grades, be respected by teachers and peers, and have an outgoing and friendly personality. Luckily for the eighth-grade student, Nellie Huy Nguyen, all of these traits have already been achieved.

Nellie Nguyen is the very definition of a scholar and always strives for the absolute best. Nellie is a teacher´s dream and has had straight A’s all her life. Nellie is in Honors Language Arts and Reading, and is taking Algebra 1 this year.

And seeing as academic achievement is very important to her, it’s only fitting she be accepted into AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination). Nellie states, “My biggest achievement was probably being accepted into AVID.” More…

The Gaming Club Scandal 1

Gavin Mercado and Isabella Gonzalez

At Stacey, we have two gaming clubs, the original Gaming Club, and the… Original Gaming Club? It happens to be that there are two clubs claiming that they are both original.

One of the first Gaming Club members explains that this could be extremely confusing to potential new members. The Original Gaming Club that was introduced this year, is much different than the first Gaming Club. The fact that members there are calling it original, is upsetting to some of the members of the older gaming club.

When asked if members of the first Gaming Club would wish for the new Gaming Club, or Original Gaming Club to be removed from the list of clubs,  they said, ¨They shouldn’t be able to call themselves the Original Gaming Club because they are not the Original Gamer´s Club. However, I don´t want them to leave Stacey´s list of clubs. I just want them to change their name to something like Classic Gaming Club.¨


Red Ribbon Week 1

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 8.44.19 AM

Grace Baer

Red ribbon week is this week, everyone! The theme is: Life Is Your Journey, Travel Drug-Free ™.

To spread awareness, this week Stacey is going to have a different theme for every day to show Drug Awareness. On Monday wear 70’s, on Tuesday, wear red, on Wednesday wear neon, on Thursday wear a sports jersey, and on Friday wear something Hawaiian.

Red ribbon week started in 1985 and has been going since. The purpose is to spread awareness about drug and substance abuse.

By participating, everyone is paving a better future for themselves. Homeroom classes also receive a red ribbon bracelet that will earn a free slushie at a participating 7Eleven©️.

Anime Club 1

Jolie Phan

Are you interested in watching Anime, dressing up as your favorite anime character, or reading manga? Well, there’s an anime club at Stacey Middle School!

All of the meetings are on Friday after school starting at 2:45 and ending at 3:30. At the first meeting, there were over 40 students. Mrs. Valverde is hoping that more and more students will join the Anime Club.

The students were asked what the club members wanted to do throughout the year. Most kids wanted to play games and watch Anime. Mrs.Valverde doesn’t want them staring at a screen for hours, so she played a game to get to know everyone. More…

Ask Sam: A Princess in Peril Reply

Dear Sam,

I’m in quite the predicament, but I’ll try to keep it brief. My life is over. A close friend of mine has been dating this guy since mid last year, and I have a huge crush on him. I tried to keep it a secret, but she found out like a week ago. Since then, they have broken up. How can I fix this?


Predicament Princess

Dear Predicament Princess,

I can see where the name comes from, this is really a predicament. First of all, have you had a real talk with that friend? You need to know how she feels about the whole thing. If she’s hung up on him, ask her if she’d be upset by you giving it a shot with him.

If she is, you’re going to need to evaluate your relationship with her and her ex-boyfriend. Who’s more important to you, him or her? If he is truly worth more to you in your life, I say to go for it and tell him how you feel.

The worst that can happen is him saying no. However, I’ve seen situations similar to this one play out, and it’s rare that the boy is worth it. You’d be sacrificing a friendship for a boyfriend. Is that really your best move?

There’s also the off chance that she’ll tell you she’s “totally okay with it,” but that’s even trickier. There’s a good chance she would be lying to make you happy, so you need to make absolutely sure that she’s telling you the truth. If she truly is okay with it, you’ve hit the jackpot. Go for it, and good luck.




The Origins of Halloween Reply

    Madison Evans and Jolie Phan    

Trick or treat! Halloween’s right around the corner! Kids can dress up as a ghost, zombie, or mummy. No, that all sound so old! Speaking of old, when did Halloween start and how did everything come together into what we now know as Halloween?

The word “Halloween” was popularized by a Scottish poet, Robert Burns, in his poem “Halloween,” with “Hallow” meaning “a holy person” and “een” meaning “eve!¨ Halloween is celebrated the night before All Saint’s Day, like Christmas and Christmas Eve.

Halloween started as a holiday known as Allhallowtide, including All Saint’s Eve, All Saint’s Day, and All Saint’s subsequent, which celebrates dead loved ones. More…

Welcome to SMS VFC Club 1

Screenshot 2018-10-17 at 8.35.10 AM

Adrian Nguyen Dinh

Are you interested in learning about Vietnamese culture? Well if so, you´re in great luck! Stacey is hosting a Vietnamese Cultural Club called VFC.

VFC first met on October 5th and there was a great turn out. The club´s next meeting will be October 19, so if anyone hasn’t already joined, they need to come on by.

The club meets every other Friday in Mrs. Phan’s classroom.  This year, the club will be teaching different folk games, listening to Vietnamese music, and trying out different food.

Meeting attendee Aden Nguyen said, “The club is amazing and has a sense of Vietnamese people.  I think it will help others to learn about the Vietnamese society.” More…