A Brewing Collaboration 1

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Avalyn Walton

Imagine you’re a Stacey Middle School student, going to pick up your yearbook. You paid for it early, and have been waiting all year to see your book of memories. You lift the yearbook into your hands and flip through to see it just as perfect as you remember, full of beautiful snapshots in time. But, how did it come to be that way?

Yearbook is a very important elective class here at Stacey Middle School, one without which we would have no pictures to remember this year in times to come. Mrs. Phan, the yearbook teacher, has been teaching this class for four years. She’s spent plenty of time learning how to make the yearbook it’s best, from spending time on different programs to see which is best, to helping manage her students time so they can be at every event on campus. This year, Mrs. Phan went one step further.

Another elective class on campus, Journalism, will be spending time working on the yearbook this year. Journalism is a class where students learn all about writing and reporting, something that goes hand in hand with yearbook. They’ll provide help with captions and any writing portion of the yearbook, whether that be the actual writing or simply editing the work of others.

Yearbook is an application elective, to make sure that the students involved are dedicated to making the class it’s best. According to the Stacey Middle School website, “It focuses on learning photography and design.”

The students of yearbook and journalism have already been informed of the collaboration, and many of them have been supportive. Seventh grade yearbook student  Alyson Boren, for instance, is very excited to have the extra help. She even at one point considered joining journalism, so this collaboration is the best of both worlds for her.

The success of the yearbook is what matters to Alyson, not the limelight. She was quoted saying, “I hope that the journalism and yearbook collaboration make a successful yearbook so all students can enjoy the years of 18´-19´ Stacey Middle School.”

Alyson’s peers feel similarly to her as well. Aiden Watson, and eighth grade member of yearbook, has stated, “I feel very excited about the collaboration with journalism to broaden our ideas with yearbook.”

Aiden got into yearbook with the help of his fathers knowledge of taking photos, but isn’t completely comfortable with his writing ability. As such, he thinks it’s a great idea to have some help with the writing aspect of the class.

“Yearbook is really amazing, it gives you intel on what goes on behind all the magic,” says another yearbook student, Summer Boren. Summer is a seventh grade student at Stacey Middle School, who hopes to find new opportunities and friendships when working with journalism.

The yearbook and journalism classes this year are both fairly small, less than 20 kids each, so many students are excited at the chance to work with more people. Mrs. Phan herself said, “I’m excited for the collaboration between yearbook and journalism.”

If all goes well, journalism may even be invited on the yearbook field trip to Disneyland. Journalism students are keeping their fingers crossed.

Hopefully, this year’s yearbook will be better than even, a perfect time capsule back to 2018-2019. Yearbook, with a little help from Journalism, will certainly be working to make it so.

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