What Even Was Stacey? 2

Mariah Escatel & Averi Farren

The last couple events of school:

What Even Was the Knotts Field Trip?

Eighth-grade students were found missing from school on May 22 of 2018, only to be found having a great time at Knotts Berry Farm! Eighth graders were delighted to hear that the annual trip was still being offered to their class of 2018 here at Stacey Middle School. Students arrived at the park around nine o’clock in the morning and were given until six o’clock of free park roaming time to ride all the rides their heart’s desire.

Eighth-grader Catherine Eagleson was asked about her Knotts Berry Farm field trip experience. She responded with, “I had so much fun, I love scary roller coasters. I even convinced some of my friends to go on the scary ones with me. It was just a really cool experience to be able to hang out with my friends at a theme park during school, I even got to hang out with some of my school friends that I wouldn’t normally hang out with outside of school and we had a good time.”

What Even Was Open House?

Open house was on May 30th from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Students and Parents went from class to class visiting each period in a sequence. This year’s open house was very interactive as teachers and principles decided to try something new. Teachers each had 15 minutes to demonstrate what goes on during their class time with their students.

What Even Were the Exit Interviews?

Every year, Stacey eighth graders are required to create and assemble a portfolio and google slides presentation using their middle school experience. They present the finished product to people in our community who volunteer. This year the 2017-2018 8th graders presented their finished portfolio on June 8th.

What Even Was Stacey Middle School?

Various eighth graders were asked several questions about their experience at Stacey Middle School, more specifically in eighth grade.

What Was Your Favorite Memory?

“Watching them build the gym for six years straight was pretty fun.” -Kylie Brennan

“My favorite memory this year was the bus at the Washington D.C trip.” – Shalin Canale

“My favorite memory was the food fights at lunch.” -Lisa Ponti

“My favorite memory of Stacey is when we went to the school dances” -Christine Tran

What will you miss most about Stacey?

“I’ll miss my friends since I’m going to like a different high school and most of them are going to Marina or West.” -Mai Phan

“I’ll miss my teachers most.” -Sophia Bickley

“Hmm what will I miss most about Stacey… I’m going to miss my friends the most because I’m going to a different High School and I don’t know anyone going to Edison with me.” –Gwen Ontiveros

“Pretty much just my friends.”- Manny Mendoza

“I’m really going to miss the teachers here because some of the teachers helped teach me a lot|” –Austin Pintarelli

How have you changed since starting Middle School here at Stacey?

“Throughout the years I have changed as a person by being more responsible with

homework and sports and activities.” -Lisa Ponti

“I’ve done my homework more, I pay more attention in class, and I really understand what I was learning.” -Alyssa Scribner

“I have demonstrated a love for learning and a level of commitment necessary to succeed in high school and beyond. Maintaining a 3.5 GPA while taking both honors ELA and accelerated math presented a challenge for me. I am more eager and willing to learn new things and am happy to share my knowledge with fellow students.” -Kira Temple

“I’ve changed a lot since the start of middles school. When I first started I was really… weird and I  had a hard time controlling my emotions but now that I’ve gone through the public school experience, and made some new friends, everything is going great!” -Caitlyn Timmons

Is there anybody that you would like to thank for your growth these past years?

“I would like to thank my best friend Kathryn for my growth these few past years.” -James Ross

“I would like to thank my friend Irlanda because she has supported me throughout these past school years.” –Sophia Bickely

“I would like to thank Mrs. Valverde for helping me with all of my writing skills, and all of that good stuff.”- Kason Moon

What has been your biggest achievement this year?

“Getting a 4.0 has been my biggest achievement this year.” -Kylie Brennan

“My biggest achievement has been my mile shirt.” -Jonathan Tran

“Achieving a 4.0 and getting good grades on projects.” -Ellie Atkins

“My biggest achievement has been my GPA because last year it was pretty bad and this year it has improved” -Ciara Hues

What’s your favorite memory you have from Stacey?

“My favorite memory of Stacey is the school dance.” -Christine Tran

“My favorite memory that I’ve had from Stacey was probably from my math class, it was a fun class.” -Alyssa Scribner

What will you miss most about Stacey?

“I think I will miss PE the most because PE has just been fun with my locker squad and all my friends.” -Grace Spielman

“I’m gonna miss getting to connect with all the people here at Stacey.” -Haley Lewis

What I think I’ll miss most is basically everything except the homework.” -Lauren Doung

What are you most looking forward to in high school?

“I’m looking forward to sports and stuff and new teachers and new friends.” -Sarah Nguyen

“I’m most looking forward to have new friends and make new memories.” -Chau Tran

Overall it is safe to say that having the eighth graders of Stacey Middle School leave is bittersweet for the eighth graders as well as the sixth and seventh graders. All Stacey Cougars, including students, staff, and teachers, are wishing the eighth graders success in high school, and beyond.


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