Safety Measures in The Event of a School Shooting Reply

Mia Grasse

As you all know on Friday, May 18, a male student wrote in the Stacey bathrooms that he was going to “shoot up” the school the following Monday. This threat scared a lot of people and over a third of Stacey’s student body was absent Monday, May 21. This was unfortunate. If this student took a few moments to think about consequences, he could have prevented a lot of trouble for himself and his family.

Even so, it did give us a lot to think about. In the event that there ever is a student with a weapon at Stacey Middle School, we need to be prepared. There are some basic protocols to follow.

If there is an active shooter on campus, the first thing you do is run. It is much harder to hit a moving target. Don’t keep yourself in a place with too many objects. It is better to be out in the open where there will be lots of places to run. If you can, run to the Westminster Mall because that is Stacey’s meeting place if anything bad were to happen at Stacey Middle School.

If you are trapped and you can’t run, hide. Make sure you are not near a window or door and you are very silent. If the class you’re in has a back room, hide in there and lock the door. You can also hide under desks or in closets.

Lastly, if you cannot run or hide, fight. Throw desks, chairs, pencils, Chromebooks, backpacks, and whatever else you can find. A shooter will look for the easiest way to cause harm and in this scenario, if you are causing him/her trouble, they will likely just look for an easier target.

Shootings have become a dangerous occurrence in American schools over the last few years. If threats like the ones we have previously seen turn out to be real, we need to be prepared. When there is a shooter, the most important thing is to protect yourself.

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