No More Holes! 5

Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 10.18.39 AM

Juneau Resnick

Has anyone ever noticed how full of holes our field is? It’s because of all the gopher tunnels underneath the grass. This issue poses a danger to all the students during PE and when they are on the field during lunch.

Many students have slipped into a hole while running the mile or twisted their ankle during lunch. These holes need to go. “We have many boys and girls who are on outside sports teams who refuse to try at school, for fear of twisting their ankle,“ says Mr. Yohn.  “Even our own Stacey running team won’t go out on the field anymore.”

Besides the danger, these holes are prohibiting the grass from growing. At the moment, our field is not something to be proud of. The gopher holes are preventing that.

It’s time to figure out how to fix this problem. In Mr. Yohn’s eighth graders were tasked with writing proclamations to submit to ASB on how to improve the quality of the school. He kept mentioning the many holes that everyone trips on out in the field.

We students should vote on this and bring it to ASB as something they can work on to improve the school’s safety.


  1. Oh, that’s why I twisted my leg!!! Mr. Yohn is right, those holes need to go. You could possibly get some geologists + round up the gophers over to the Stacey-Clegg park.


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