Breaking News: Construction: Spring Edition 15

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Madelyn Fracassa

Recently, the construction at Stacey Middle School has been crazy and keeping up with it has been overwhelming. The good news is that the gym will be done in time for graduation, but the bad news is that there will be a limited amount of people allowed into graduation and the tickets will be back.

For the kids with a big family, you can always request more tickets than the original amount given. But it will be more expensive to have to get tickets, and that could put a weight on some families decision on how many family members are coming.

Even though there are a few negatives of graduating in the gym, there are many positives outweighing the negatives.

For example, the gym will have air conditioning, so instead of getting all hot and sweaty outside in the amphitheater, everybody will be inside the air conditioning away from the sun. The colder temperature benefits everyone from the students graduating to the families and friends attending.

Anyone wearing makeup will not want to ruin their makeup by sweating it off and would rather keep their makeup at a cooler temperature to keep it perfect. The people wearing long sleeved dresses or any kind of cardigan or jean jacket will appreciate the cooler temperature because nobody wants to be sweaty. The people wearing nice coats or long pants will also appreciate the cooler temperature.

The dance after graduation will be on the same day from 4:00 pm-5:30 pm and the decorations will be better than ever because the PTA (Parent Teacher Association)will have enough time to move all the chairs where they want them and decorate how they want it.

The gym will not be as well decorated though because since they going to have to finish sooner than later, they will not have enough time to hang posters around the gym all the utilities will be working though.

Why was there such a quick and sudden change for the construction completion date you may ask? Well the assistant superintendent of business, Tony Wold, thought since the eighth graders had to deal with all the noise and dirt from the construction that they should be able to graduate in the gym.

The gym will be done before June 15th because June 15th is the eighth graders first graduation practice. June 18th is the second practice for the eighth graders and also the day of graduation.

The class of 2018 eighth graders would be the first class to graduate in the new gym, sorry class of 2019 if you wanted to be the first. Congrats class of 2018 and have a great high school experience.


  1. They promised that we would graduate in the new gym this year. We had to wait through all that construction, all that noise, and it was all for nothing. I am extremely disappointed, the school let everyone down and possibly messed up graduation plans due to no tickets. Those tickets better be refunded.


    • Since the gym progress is slowing, you can bring as many family members as want! 🙂 😀 I have a lot. It’s okay, the 6th + 7th graders will still get to experience it. Don’t be disappointed, the weather isn’t perfect. At least you will get a gym in high school.


  2. I appreciate them trying their hardest on trying to build the gym, but can they tell us when it will ACTUALLY be finished.


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