Let’s Lessen the Stressin’ 13


Juneau Resnick

No matter how hard we try, we cannot stop time. No matter how hard we try, the future will always come. It’s something we cannot stop, us growing up. We might be scared out of our minds about what it holds, but our future comes to make us better people. Even though we want to be more adult and more independent, getting there can be more daunting than we ever thought.



The prospect of growing up shakes all of us to the bone, that’s why we are so reluctant to move forward. Eventually, though, we have to learn to be independent. We need to learn not to rely on anybody but ourselves. We need to learn to be our own support system and be ready for whatever comes.


Though that is true, at this stage many of us are scared of what the future will hold for ourselves. “People who struggle to cope with uncertainty or the ambiguity of potential future threats may have an unusually large striatum, an area of the brain already associated with the general anxiety disorder”, says sciencedaily.com. This suggests that regularly anxious people will probably struggle to cope with change.


Even if your anxiety is really bad, there are ways to relieve your worries. Even the tiniest effort can turn your world around when it comes to stress. For instance, according to blog.collegevine.com, here are a few techniques to lessen the stress:

-Giving yourself a break every once in a while. This can make a world of difference, giving your brain time to declutter itself and get reorganized. You’ll be calmer and collected after these breaks so you can get more done.


-Build yourself an organized workspace. Making this change makes for a good work space, and you no longer have the stress of sifting through all your papers and things. That is one thing that stresses everyone out, definitely.

-Try some relaxation techniques, this will relieve your worries. Light a candle, have some tea, take a bubble bath, turn on your oil diffuser, all of these will make the stress of your day float away.

These are just a few ways you can let your body and mind unwind so you have a more productive outcome. The main thing to remember is, the future is bright. No matter if you don’t get the best grades in your class or become valedictorian, your future can be bright, if you only try.


    • They must be because those are weird hand gestures


  1. im the cutest lol and high school is lowkey like not that stressful like last year was more stressful than this year


    • 8th grade is harder than 9th grade? Wow How’s 9th grade Spanish?


    • you just gotta study but like im in spanish 1 so im not really sure how the other spanish classes are like


      • lowkey 9th grade is easier than 8th grade (but shh… dont tell other people) like the only thing you have to watch out for is accel bio and world geography honors cuz theyre really challenging and i cri myself to sleep everytime but thats really only cuz i dont study a lot and im just like haha test? quiz? essay? ppt presentation? DONT KNOW HER NYAHAHAHAHAHAAHA but you just have to study then freshman year is gonna go well. (plus ortega preps you really well. be happy shes helping you. send my love to her and the iron throne please ily).


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