Dear Mother 10

Ashley Wolf

Every year, the second Sunday of may

Some certain special people in our lives, get their own special day

They are beautiful, kind, unique, like no other

Let’s start this off with a simple Dear Mother

You taught me that sometimes what matters most are the little things

You have sheltered me, but also let me go out and spread my wings

You have given me the freedom to learn from my mistakes

And I’m sorry for causing you way too many headaches

You make me smile when I frown

You make me feel at home even when the world is upside down

You teach what is wrong and what is right

You make sure my future will be bright

When things get tough

And the road gets rough

When it is all too much to bear

I know you will be there

I love you like bees love flowers like  birds love sunshine

I am happy you are my mom, happy you are mine

You always know what is best for me

But sometimes that is hard for me to see

You taught me how to be caring, taught me how to be kind

You are the best mom anyone could find

Your hard work and dedication inspires me every day

Your love and guidance help me find my way

A mother like you is the greatest treasure I’ve ever known

The best mother in the world is the one right here, the one I call my own

I am thankful for all the things you do and all the things you’ve done

All the memories we will make, the ones we’ve already made, each and every one

For me, you do all that you can

And for all that I do you are my number one fan

You are the best mother a mother could be

And you are always there for me

You are a mother above all the rest

You truly are the best

You are my mom, and  you shall forever be

I want you to know, you mean everything to me

I want you to know how thankful I am for all that you do

Happy Mother’s Day to you.


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