What is a Resume? Why is it in Our Exit Portfolio? Reply

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Juneau Resnick

The exit portfolio for eighth graders has started to creep up to the top of our to-do list. One common question being murmured: What is a resume? Why do we need it for our interview? This piece of information will be your ticket to the job world in the future. Practice putting one together now.

First off, the question everyone is asking, what is a resume? A resume is a document of your information, qualifications, education, and experience. Your future employers will take a look at this information as well as interview you to see if you are qualified for a job. This is an important piece of your life as an adult, which will arrive faster than you know.

Now, why is this document, which is used for adults and the job world, required for our middle school exit portfolio? In the words of the wondrous Mrs. Walters, “. . . it’s a rehearsal for adulthood.” This is just a practice run, just a draft of what you will be doing for every job you apply for. It’s a way to practice how to highlight the qualities that will jump out at people, and shadow the ones that won’t no matter what the position is.

The point being, having a resume in our exit portfolio is practice for our job search as adults. This is a great opportunity to practice how to formulate a good resume and to get used to the new responsibilities of the adult world.

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