The Newspaper Project Reply


Mariah Escatel

It has already come to many eighth graders’ attention that the year is ending. Along with this comes many assignments due for eighth-graders, such as the history project, math placement tests, CAASPP testing, science finals, book reports, portfolios, resume, and by far the worst– the dreaded newspaper project.

The newspaper project is a massive book report created to “challenge your mind.” The project is done in Mrs. Ortega’s eighth-grade language arts and reading honors classes. It is a detailed book report that is in the form of a newspaper. Students are challenged to act as if they are living in the book they are reporting about. The report consists of multiple articles including a summary, book review, conflicts, and many more. Students describe it as intimidating, and astonishing.

Eighth-grade honors student Owen Franks says, “I mean this project is intense. Not only do we have to write a bunch, but we have to format it in a visually pleasing way, and provide pictures as well.”

Some students have a positive take on the situation including, LA honors student, Kira Temple. “When I tried out for the lead role in the sound of music, I knew that it would be a lot of work, especially with the newspaper project coming up. I am aware that this will be a difficult journey, but I am prepared and hope that this project like Mrs. Ortega said, will teach me not to procrastinate,” says Kira Temple.

There are others who have a more negative attitude to the situation. An honor’s student who would rather not be named said, “Everyone says this project will make or break our grades, well, it’s breaking me. I am very stressed out, the entire thing is overwhelming.”

Students from other classes are being affected by this as well. Madelyn Fracassa, an eighth grader not in the honors ELA program, also Miss Temple’s best friend says, “I’m really happy for Kira taking on this project, but I also get to see her less since she is always busy. I know she will be able to bring to school a fantastic project in the end.”

Readers, as well having high hopes for the honors Ortega class of 2018, wish them good luck!

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