Stacey Students Fighting?!? 2

Kevin Luu

Wait, what? Stacey students are fighting?  Why are students fighting? There could be lots of reasons such as revenge, or just a simple argument gone wrong. According to the National Education Association, “Occasionally, arguments between students escalate and erupt into fights.”

According to Business Insider, there are many psychological reasons people fight. One reason that people fight is “You’re rational — to a fault,” Business Insider says. “Research suggests that humans are actually at their most reasonable when they’re arguing, picking positions that are easier to defend from criticism and thinking over each choice and word more carefully.”

Another reason is self-involvement. We know that is hard to avoid for teenagers, but “Being self-involved improves the odds that after a conflict and its compromise, you find yourself feeling terrible. “

There are even more reasons people fight. Feeling hateful towards yourself, having lots of power, but not a lot of respect are other common reasons. Oftentimes, violent students have issues in their home life that they feel they have little or no control over. 

If you are involved in a school fight, stop it. Tell a teacher that you are in this situation. Do NOT hit other students.

That is all Stacey students, and make sure to get along with everyone today.


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