Find the Flavor in Food, Not Vapor 1

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Juneau Resnick

Last week on April 27th, during Friday’s adjusted schedule, Dr. Victor DeNoble came and talked to grades six through eight about the dangers of smoking and vaping. He helped us realize how these addictions affect our bodies and what can happen if we keep up the behavior.

Sure, we’ve all been warned about smoking and vaping. Our parents and teachers all tell us not to do it, but up until now, we didn’t know why. DeNoble was able to explain what happens to the body when the brain gets addicted to a certain substance like nicotine. Now, if given the opportunity, we will know what will happen.

After working for a research lab, Dr. DeNoble came clean to Congress about what goes on inside the tobacco companies. He did so after being fired and released from his secrecy contract. He was able to find his previous bosses’ guilty of lying about the product they produced. Twenty years earlier, the company released a statement saying that there isn’t a substance that can reduce lung damage, but he had found one.Screenshot 2018-05-03 at 10.12.35 AM.png

Having all of this knowledge, he now goes around the country to spread the word and warn kids and adults alike about the dangers of these addictive substances. He wants to keep kids eating the foods they like, not inhaling their flavor as vapor and smoke.

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