The Right-Wing View on Feminism 7

imageKayla Chung

Kayla is a guest writer for The Cougar Chronicle. All opinions expressed in this editorial are hers. 

Feminism is mostly known as an act to support women’s rights, but it seems like this group, made to make women feel proud and equal, has twisted into attacking all conservative men and women and anyone with opposing opinions. First wave feminism helped women gain the rights to vote. Second wave feminism helped women get the chance to get the same jobs as men. But third wave feminism? This is the very bad apple out of the bunch. They ignore the more important things, such as women rights in countries like Iraq and Syria, make false accusations, use their gender as an excuse, and are hypocrites. Anyone who stands in their way gets labeled either “sexist,” “racist,” or “fascist,” for not thinking the same way as they do.

Third wave feminists do not support women’s rights. They only support the people who are extreme leftist; the ones who are social justice warriors. Liz Wheeler, Daisy Cousens, Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, and many other conservative women don’t gain the support like all other liberals do. Liz Wheeler, a female right-wing commentator, made a comment on an event called “A day without a women” saying “You shouldn’t use your gender as an excuse not to work.” Many were outraged and started barraging her, including Ana Kasparian, a political pundit, who replied with a video calling her an “embarrassment to women” and mocking her beliefs by saying, “Aww, are you going to be ok my special little snowflake? Does it hurt your feelings that people like you don’t get government protection for being a jerk.” Not only that, but Ana started telling Liz how to be a woman, which is sexist. This isn’t even third wave feminist at their peak. They blame everything but themselves for their problems, including inanimate objects. This leads to the next claim, their misplaced victimhood.

3rd wave feminist seem to have a habit of blaming all their problems on sexism. Sexism is always going to exist, and there are always going to be people who are sexist, but over the years, people have become more flexible about things like gender and race. These feminists still think that we are in the past. They lie, such as the wage gap. Women have children and sometimes choose more flexible schedules, or take off work. If the wage gap as claimed really existed, as in all women get paid 75 cents for every dollar a man was paid, why wouldn’t a majority of the people who work be women? But a majority of the people who are working in the US are men, more than 60%. Although a majority of men are working, 52% of jobs that require an education and a college degree are occupied by women, so the cause isn’t sexism.

Lastly, modern-day feminists are ignorant. Feminists push aside the issue of women being mistreated in Iraq and other places in the Middle East. These women are tortured, often even killed due to Syria law, and lack basic rights in other countries, but feminist find this unrelated. They most likely ignore this because it’s something Trump supports. President Trump lifted sanctions on Syria to end hostility and to stop the human’s rights abuses. Feminists feel like this is unimportant mostly because it is something that makes president Trump look good, therefore they leave it covered by a dirty rag.

Third wave feminists are not feminist. They do not support rights of women, make poor excuses, and focus on unimportant things. Slowly, more open-minded millennials are rising so we can restore our freedom of speech, liberty, and respect for each other.



  1. First of all, I have a huge amount of respect for you writing this! I feel like when people get a title they abuse it. They feel like if they are a girl they can use that against males. Which is totally unfair. That doesn´t even go for specifically women. There are some African Americans or Hispanics that when they don´t get their way they will call someone racist. I´m not being racist. In fact, I am fifty percent Hispanic myself. I never use that against anyone though. I totally see what you are trying to say, and I feel like this is a double standard that nobody talks about… like ever.


  2. Not to sound rude, but “feminists” who hate men are referred to as misandrists and are supposed to be separate from feminism. But yeah, you drive a good point in this article, as a lot of modern-day extreme feminists are very exclusive to themselves, and don’t usually care about other people like in Iraq.


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