Memely: Dabbing 9


Kevin Luu

Hello, Stacey students! This is a new series called Memely or Meme of the Week. The first part of this series is dabbing. How did dabbing start? The dab has its origins in the Atlanta hip-hop scene in the 2010s, but there was initial disagreement about who originated the dance.

The dab gained popularity in American sports following an eight-second celebratory dab by Cam Newton, football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League, during a game against the Tennessee Titans on November 15, 2015. Afterward, lots of people started to dab live on TV and it went viral.

The dab is easy to perform. You move one hand out to your side and your other hand out to the same side. You lean into the left or right arm depending on which your hands are facing. That is a dab. It can be cringy to some of your friends, while others will dab along.

What do you think about dabbing? Is it just a 2017 thing? Leave a comment down below. Have a good day Stacey students!


  1. This is a disgrace to our Nation we need to prove that all of the dabbs are banned and have a lifetime sentence in prison and prove that we must not fall to the recklessness of “the dabb.” This is a public service announcement.


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