What The Plush Is Toreba? Reply

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Gavin Mercado

They are in most to all toy stores, decadent plushies with beautiful buttons or ribbons around them. Instead of buying these plushies, many people may win these fabulous toys out of a claw machine.

What is a claw machine you may ask? Well, a claw machine is a machine with one, two, three, or even four prongs (arms) to pick up a toy or drag it.

When you think of these types of complicated games, you may think of them being in an arcade or at a supermarket like “Albertsons.”

Well, that’s not always correct as there is an online claw game called “Toreba”! What is Toreba? Well, Toreba is an online claw game in which all of the claws have one or two prongs.

In these games, it is always the dragging style claw games instead of the claw games where you pick up the prizes. Prices for each game range from 1000TP ($1..00) to 2500TP ($2.50). If you win a prize, they ship it to you for free. You heard me, no shipping fee!

The different types of game styles include ping pong ball dropper, bouncy ball, drag, pull-over, and even slide.

With the ping pong ball dropper game (shown below) you pick up a ping-pong ball, the claw brings it to a plate full of little holes. One hole is red, you must get the ping pong ball into that hole. (Image is shown below)

Screenshot 2018-04-29 at 5.11.34 PM

The bouncy ball method is when the claw picks up a prize. Then, the claw will open and drop it on a giant exercise ball. The prize will either bounce back into the “play area” or jump forward into the prize chute. Most of the time, your prize will jump back into the play area. However, there are lucky bounces every now and then. (Picture below)

Screenshot 2018-04-29 at 5.11.43 PM

The last game mode that I would like to talk about is the “pull, drag, and flip” game mode. This is a mode where there are multiple poles that your prize is resting on. If you pull, then drag the prize. It will eventually be time for you to flip it into the chute. This is also the most popular game mode and is used on the most machines in Toreba. (Image below)

Screenshot 2018-04-29 at 5.11.50 PM

Toreba Price Board

 5000TP| $5.00

 20,000TP| $20.00

 110,000TP| $100.00

My Tips: My first tip is to absolutely use a ping pong dropper if it looks something at least close to this…         

Screenshot 2018-04-29 at 5.11.59 PM

If it does, then you have a really good chance of winning the prize on your first or second try, Which is only about $3.50. What a good deal!

My second tip is to only buy $5.00. Like ever… I suffered this myself as becoming extremely addicted to this game and spending so much money here. My recommendation is to only buy 5000TP ever.

Why? Well, if you buy any amount of TP on Toreba, every day you get one free play ticket that is good for every game. The best part, on every 30th and 10th of every month you get four free play tickets. I have discovered this tip after winning a figure that costs about 4000 yen ($39) in Japan. That’s right! I got it for free.

My final tip is to never give up (with play tickets.) I know it may not seem like it in your first month of using play tickets. However, if you practice and know how their machines work, you can win a ton for free. Think of it as a one-time pay system. You may even profit eventually! Cha-ching! $$$

Don’t just keep spending money on TP, though, as you will run yourself bankrupt with just a little Rilakkuma plush to show for it.

Well, students, that is all I have for this week. Please just don’t spend your life savings on Toreba (or you will regret it). Well, have a plushy day! Yes, these are getting worse. . . 

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