Tahoe City & Its Mighty Lake 2

Gavin Mercado

Welcome to a new series at the Cougar Chronicle. Welcome to Vacation Destinations 101! This is a series in which we talk about vacation destinations.

We all got a nice vacation during spring break. Maybe you went to your grandparent’s house, or maybe even drove to the Grand Canyon.

There is one destination which most usually don’t think of when they hear vacation: Tahoe City! Or more famously, Lake Tahoe.

Going to Lake Tahoe is reminiscent of traveling back in time. There is really no good phone service. However, there are amazing antique shops and so many things to do.

In Tahoe, there’s something to do for everyone!

Summer Vacations: In Lake Tahoe, there are activities and adventures awaiting, such as parasailing, river rafting, or even boating. Don’t like water sports? Well, lucky for you there are many, many zipline paths, too.

Winter Vacations: Winter is a beautiful time to visit Lake Tahoe, according to its many visitors. Why? Well, there are many fun things to do in the snow. There are plenty of resorts that have skiing and snowboarding slopes. If you aren’t in love with either, there is plenty of sledding.

Is Lake Tahoe right for you? To see, watch the video above for some pretty spectacular views of the mighty lake in Winter. Well, until next time Cougars, have a springy day!


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