Band: Superior? 1

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Katelyn Mills

Did you wonder where band when on March 7th?

On Wednesday the 7th, and Thursday the 8th, the band kids were on their way to Kennedy High School for a festival. Three bands were put into two bands and were judged on performance and music as well as sight reading.

The festival was run by Southern California School Band Orchestra Association. Last year, Mr. Woodruff had put the year’s awards in the office. They were the highest rank! The students were to perform at 2:30.

They were announced ‘superior’, which was a huge achievement for all of the students! Everyone was so ecstatic to hear that everything they had been working for paid off.

8th grade Caitlyn Timmons quotes, “Right when I heard the word ‘superior’ come out of Mr. Woodruff, I was so pleased to hear that all of our hard work throughout the year had paid off.”

Great job, Stacey Cougars. We are excited to hear what you perform next!

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