Earth Day-Celebrating Our Home Reply

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Juneau Resnick  

The Earth is one of a kind; it’s the only known planet that is capable of sustaining life and has the ability to sustain several different climates. Our planet has been able to withstand thousands of years of innovation and discovery, as well as the human race picking it apart slowly. We should celebrate every day to honor the complex planet that is and always will be home.

There is actually a day set aside to celebrate our home planet; Earth Day is April 22. This holiday is usually celebrated by planting a tree or a small plant, but lately, it’s also had clean-ups in its honor. There were beach and park cleanups in Huntington Beach last weekend to commemorate the occasion.

Our home has been in the galaxy for millions, even billions of years. It has been home to hundreds of different kinds of animals. First the dinosaurs, then monkeys, and eventually, human society. We owe the existence of all plants and animals to the Earth.

This planet is the one place where we have been able to live our lives, nothing will ever be able to stand in its place. Even though humans will probably have to leave this place someday, nothing will ever be able to have the same impact. Nothing can replace our Earth.

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