Another Walkout? 23

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Mia Grasse

We all knew about the walkout on March 14, but that was not enough. Students want to be able to know that they are safe at school. After the Parkland, Florida shooting, students have had enough and demanded to take matters into their own hands.

The National School Walkout took place on April 20, to honor the anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre and the 13 people who died. ABC states, “The event was organized by 16-year-old Lane Murdock, a sophomore at Ridgefield High School in Connecticut, along with three of her classmates.”

More than 2,000 events are registered across the country, with at least one in every state and several globally, according to the organizers.”

What is Their Mission?

“National School Walkout is a movement powered and led by students across the country. We’re protesting congressional, state, and local failures to take action to prevent gun violence. America is the only country in the world where so many people are killed by guns, and yet our leaders do nothing about it. In many states, it’s more difficult to register to vote than it is to buy a rifle. Apparently, to some politicians, a vote is scarier than a gun,” says the National School Walkout official website.

Most students and even some teachers are passionate about these movements. Though administrators have warned students that walking out of the classroom may have consequences, students’ faith in these movements has given them no doubt in the importance of the walkouts.


  1. This is so abysmal, why don’t we walk out for abortion? Right, because it supports the leftist agenda even though it kills hundreds of innocent babies every year.Oh, why won’t we “walkout” on knives too? Three times more people die by knives than guns. Why can’t you all just stay in class and learn why we needed guns in the first place instead of blaming everything on objects.


    • This is not about walking out and protesting guns, it is about honoring people’s lives that were taken in such events. We are honoring the families and friends that were brought pain from the loss of such young students where they thought they could be safe. People are walking out of schools, the place that was thought to be safe, to protest the questioning of the safety in a supposedly ‘safe place’.

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    • Why don’t we walk for abortion? Because an unborn child can’t think for itself; it has no conscience whatsoever. The march for our lives movement, on the other hand, is to save kids who are their own people and are able to think for themselves. The only reason you don’t care about those kid’s lives is it because it takes away your precious guns. You are anti-abortion though because, for some reason, you think that women should not have control over their own bodies; plus, you lose nothing if abortion is outlawed. Why should you care about guns anyway? Unless you plan on using them on someone someday… Also, this isn’t about a political agenda, it’s about a student’s right to be safe in their own school. Stop acting like guns are more important than living people.


      • people have different opinions on various topics, there is nothing you can do about it THEY HAVE AN OPINION JUST LIKE U


    • Some children don’t feel safe at school knowing what happens around America. Things like abortion don’t concern students because the lives are separate from their own. Kids walk out about gun violence because there is a direct correlation between a student and the topic at hand.


      • Exactly, why would any student care about abortion? That is not a big problem in our lives that we have to worry about right now. This is. I personally don´t feel safe anywhere knowing that there could be someone waiting to shoot me down. It is something that affects us currently. Not something that affects us if we like girls and pregnancy walks on into our lives. Which will never be present and my life and if it was it’s not something to worry about as a teenager…


      • What do you mean “Some children don’t feel safe at school knowing what happens around America.”? One shooting happened and everyone is making it into a political deal and use the kids in the shooting to be politically correct. These events planned by those adults isn’t because they care about lives, if they did they would of helped during the Sunderland shooting too, these events are used to be right. There is no direct correlation between kids and guns, none at all. Schools are gun-free zones and the guard just didn’t do a good job of protecting the school and he was armed too. We DON’T need stricter gun laws, we need people with common sense.

        At the end, if you seriously want to walk out and really actually think it’s for “honoring”, then good for you, go do it. But, the democrat’s reasoning behind this is obvious and it’s definitely not for respect.


      • gavinnn while you will never have to experience an abortion at any given time in your life it does affect other people. teenage girls do have abortions it is something teens worry about


    • I meant exactly what I said. We students cannot be reliant on adults to feel safe. I don’t feel protected completely at school, nor do I think any kid should be told how to feel on the topic. If students want to walk out to display how they feel, they should have that right.


    • and a student should care about abortion, it’s killing children who haven’t even got a chance to start life yet. It is completely disgusting and inhumane


      • This isn’t about that. If you want to debate about that, do it in an appropriate place. This is simply an informative article. It has nothing to do with political agendas and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with abortion. I have no idea where this all even spawned from.


      • bruv i was using it as an example about how stupid the walkout is and how it’s obvious what the real reason is.


  2. Agreed, I come to school to learn and go home every day, and other kids, innocent kids, go to school and might not be able to come home and see their families. I don’t think that is right, and I walk out because I am a student, I can relate. If I walk out, it is not because of guns laws, it is because I believe that no one should get hurt in this “safe place”, and I want to honor the kids,just like us, who are no longer with us.


  3. The thing is, it wasn´t created by adults, it was created by kids in schools around America. Gun violence is really starting to become a problem now that technology is improving. And once again, people do walk out aren´t protesting gun violence, they are honoring the fallen students who were brutally and innocently killed in the shootings.


  4. people telling me that walkouts don’t help… pink ribbons don’t stop breast cancer but they raise awareness, that’s what’s important. we can’t let things like gun violence slide on by.


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