Stacey is Alive with the “Sound of Music” 2

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Ashley Wolf

West Arts Productions is starting their new production “ The Sound of Music”. The cast list was recently released. Everyone on the cast and ensemble is really talented. Here is the cast:

  • Maria —Avi Walton and Kira Temple
  • Mother Abbess–  Trinity Kuzio
  • Sister Berthe —Sarah Davis
  • Sister Margaretta —Lexi Verino
  • Sister Sophia —Thao Tran and Noelani Lynch
  • Franz —Brandon Reyes and Clark Patcheak
  • Frau —Sam Rose and Jaclyn Moen
  • Liesel —Alison Davis and Sophie Kresge
  • Friedrich —Jack Adling and Sadie Cardenas
  • Louisa —Alexa Miller-Hartenberg and Isabel Lesser
  • Kurt —Logan Watson and Jacob Lesser
  • Brigitta —Cicily Thompson and Liliana Morales
  • Marta —Adrianna Taylor-Costa and Zoe Lord
  • Gretl —Ellie Kresge and Adelaide Katz
  • Rolf —Nate Powell
  • Elsa Schraeder —not been cast yet
  • Max Detweiler —not been cast yet
  • Herr Zeller —Johnny Yabarra
  • New Postulant —Noelani Lynch and Thao Tran
  • Admiral Von Schreiber —Dominick Ybarra

Avalyn says “ I was really proud and happy when I got Maria, everyone who auditioned worked really hard”.  

Alison Davis who plays Liesel says “Everyone will love this production, kids, teens, adults, and anyone else.”

Gwyn Kent says “ I’ve never seen the movie, but I love the soundtrack, and I’m super excited to go support my friends who are working really hard to perfect this performance.”

The performances will be in late May and early June. Maddy, Kira’s best friend and a close friend of Avalyn, says “I’m really proud of Avi and Kira, and everyone else who is in the show. I’m definitely going to see it and am super excited.”

The show is directed by Ed who also does the choreography. Kara is the musical director and Chase is the Assistant Director. The rehearsals have been a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

The original sound of music was released in 1965 and was directed by Robert Wise. It starred the beautiful Julie Andrews as Maria von Trapp and the talented Christopher Plummer as Captain von Trapp.

Did you know that in Maria’s iconic turn on the mountaintop, Julie Andrews (the actor playing Maria) had trouble? Well, apparently, when she did her iconic turn she kept tripping and falling.

Also, the boat scene was traumatizing for Kym Karath, who played the youngest von Trapp, Gretl. Julie Andrews was responsible for falling forward when the boat capsized and rescuing Kym Karath since the 6-year-old couldn’t swim, but Andrews fell backward instead and didn’t catch Karath. Then Kym went underwater and swallowed so much water that when she was rescued, she vomited on Heather Henzies-Urich, who played Louisa.

We hope everyone can come out and watch this performance. The West Arts Productions kids are working hard and we hope you can see what we have accomplished.


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