What Even Is Woodshop? Reply

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Averi Farren and Mariah Escatel

What even is woodshop?

Woodshop is a wood-making and design class that teaches students the basics of wood making and 3D figurine making. Woodshop is one of the 16 elective options here at Stacey Middle School. Woodshop is a class where you can interact with wood and learn some handy skills.

What do you do in the woodshop?

In woodshop, students can build wooden or 3D printed objects, paint, saw, and also sand wooden pieces to make different creations.

“In this class, the students have made anything from a toy train to cutting boards to a phone holder. It’s kinda whatever they want to come up with. Some kids are even making a wooden box,” says woodshop teacher Mr. Olmischield.

Can you take it in any grade?

Students must have completed the “wheel” version of woodshop for one trimester to be in advanced wood. The advanced elective isn’t open to those without one trimester of experience from the woodshop wheel elective.

When asked about Woodshop classes Mr. Olmischield states, “The advanced class is more independent because they’ve already had the woodshop class before in their past year, so they have more freedom and they already know how to do everything.”

What period is it?

Advanced Woodshop is held during period 8.

When asked how he feels about his elective, eighth-grader Eric Hodgkins said, “I really like having woodshop 8th period, I look forward to coming to this class with my friends every day, and working on my wood projects.”

Who teaches it?

Mr. Olmscheid is the teacher in charge of the woodshop.

“I honestly really do look forward to this class, its a lot of fun, Mr. Olmscheid is a pretty cool teacher. I’ve learned a lot from him, and it’s interesting when we get to go online and make something on a website, and then it prints out on the 3D printer,” says eighth grader Eric Hodgkins.

How many kids are in the woodshop?

There are currently 22 kids in the woodshop class. The class isn’t the biggest and isn’t the smallest. Many students say that they love the size of their class and feel like a happy family.

Why should I join woodshop?

Students might want to join woodshop to get the opportunity to interact with wood physically and get the chance to build friendships as well as projects. Maybe some might want to figure out 3D printers and have the opportunity to try out websites and print plastic boxes.

“I love woodshop. It’s so fun you get to build things, and it’s a really great experience,” says 8th-grade student Bryce Hadfield.

Nick Whittington, eighth-grader says, “I like the freedom you have in woodshop. It’s nice Mr. Olmischield, he gives you the freedom of choice to make what you feel you want to, you know.”

“It’s enthusiastic,”  says seventh-grader Griffin Soto.

“Being one of the only girls in woodshop, I really like it.” says eighth grader Catherine Eagleson, “Last year when I decided to do the wheel I thought I might have liked art or something like that, but I really enjoyed the woodshop option. I’m so happy this is my elective. I have the freedom to create whatever I want and hang out with my friends while I do it.”

A short conversation with a woodshop student

Cougar Chronicle: “What would you say to kids that may want to join woodshop next year?”

Nick Whittington: “Do it. It’s a fun experience.”

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