John’s Incredible Pizza! 4

Screenshot 2018-03-29 at 9.23.57 AM

Gavin Mercado

In all homerooms, students were given flyers for a free $5 game card at John’s Incredible Pizza. However, it is only included with the price of a buffet. So happy eatings and playings!

This new John’s in the Westminster Mall has already opened and is accepting walk-ins any time during its opening. There are brand new never before seen games, such as Breakout and Crazy Tower.

The provided buffet food includes pizza, pasta, salads, and a delicious variety of desserts. I’m talking scones, ice cream, and chocolate covered strawberries. Yummy!

Now, not only can you have all the food you want, but now you can play Jumpin’ Jackpot with some of your best friends.

Well Cougars, that is all for now. Make sure that you stop by John’s Incredible Pizza soon to have some fun. Have a cheesy day! *I know my puns are awful*


  1. The 1st sentence isn’t true; Mr. Yohn’s homeroom didn’t get it.


      • Mr. Yohn should know better, because he was the old Leadership teacher. He started when the bad guy ended. (You should know if you have Mr. Yohn) On 9/1/16, Mr. Yohn did the announcements, and did so the next days until Journalism eventually took over.




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