Ask Sam: Diggin’ up the Dead 8

Dear Sam,

My friend ‘ships’ dead, historical figures. I try to convince her that it’s disrespectful, but she always says that there is historical proof, which is true.

-Dat Boi (Totally not a female)

Dear Dat Boi (Totally not a female),

I have to say, I have never received an advice request like this. Well that being said, I know that recently in the past year, “ship” names have been popular. With people “shipping” their favorite movie stars, actors, book character, friends.

It does surprise me that historical figures would be shipped as well. I do understand your point, and you have right to believe this. It is understandable why “shipping” dead people would be disrespectful, it may seem like digging them up from the grave.

While all of that is true, your friend may have been joking. Perhaps you’re taking this too seriously, keyword: perhaps. It’s normal for friends to disagree. It’s normal to disagree in general. All in all, don’t let a little dispute over something as small as thinking Lincoln and Jefferson should be coupled or not get in the way of your friendship.

With good wishes,



    • Great job, Taj! Even though your winning response came in second, it was really close. So, we decided to give you a guest spot on the announcements on Thursday next week. I’d say come to B3 that morning, but you’ll already be here;)


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