Mississippi Boy Shoots Sister Over a Video Game 7

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Kevin Luu

Let’s start off with a sad note: this event should never have happened. It’s unbelievable that it was even possible, but it was and now we must bring awareness to it.

A nine-year-old boy shot his thirteen-year-old sister over a video game. Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell said the girl would not give up a video game controller when her brother wanted it. Cantrell said she was shot in the back of the head and that the bullet went through her brain, this past Saturday. The girl was rushed to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis.

“This is all new ground for us. We’ve never dealt with a kid shooting a kid at age 9,” Cantrell said. “We don’t know yet what kind of charges or if charges will be pressed. We want to make sure we’re doing everything correctly . . . He wanted the controller, and I guess he knew where to find the gun,” Sheriff Cecil Cantrell told CNN. The boy grabbed a handgun, which was kept in a nightstand next to the bed, and shot the sister in the back of the head, the sheriff said.

“This is the first time I’ve ever dealt with any child that was shot like that,” Cantrell said. “And I hope I never deal with it again.” The girl was taken to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, where she was pronounced dead Sunday.

This is a true and tragic story. Raging over a video game is fine, but it should never lead to violence. This was an unfortunate event that shouldn’t have happened. Have a great day and stay out of trouble Stacey students.


  1. This makes me lucky that 1)I don’t have any siblings + 2)I don’t play video games.


  2. People really need to be more cautious with where they put guns “ESPECIALLY” if they have children. How do you think the boy got the gun. Hmm that’s a hard one. The parents just leave it out for the kids to snatch it. It was probably just lying around somewhere. Really? Really? If you have children you should double lock it up. Ok there goes my rant. Anyways I 100% blame the parents.


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