Are Bots Destroying Journalism? 1

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Gavin Mercado

With robots stealing hundreds of thousands of jobs annually in America, some are worried that robots will eventually take the majority of jobs from Americans.

Why? Well, robots can not only think better, but they are also more trustworthy as they would not do things as steal and vandalize properties, or maybe even lie to their bosses.

One of the more advanced properties of robots would be article writing ones. According to Gijn, “Bots — applications that perform automated tasks — are becoming increasingly commonplace in newsrooms, as a growing number of publishers experiment with various services to expand their coverage, help journalists do their jobs better or improve relationships with readers.

Bots are not an entirely new phenomenon, especially in the word of technology where automated helpers have existed for almost as long as computers.

The earliest chatbot, Eliza, was created in 1996 as an early experiment in natural language programming and is still online in various forms. Now bots have started to find their way into newsrooms as the technology behind them becomes more accessible to a wider audience and new services like Chatfuel and Dialogflow make building a chatbot as easy as pointing and clicking.”

Some fear robots are stealing everything. They think they are taking jobs, money, and even someone’s chance at the American dream.

What do you think? Are bots taking over journalism and the world? Comment below.

One comment

  1. Robots are going to take over the world and probably either eliminate us or make us as their slaves. Bots will take over the jobs people want to be and there’ll be families with low-income will less chance of jobs.


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