Cyberbullying is Sad 8

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Madelyn Fracassa

Cyberbullying is an issue that happens almost everywhere. In fact, 43% of teenagers say they have been cyberbullied and 70% of teenagers say that they have seen cyberbullying more than once. As for Stacey Middle School, “There have probably been about five instances this year with Stacey students,” stated Mrs.DeBritton.

People resort to cyberbullying rather than bullying in real-life because, “You aren’t looking at the person in the face, so you don’t get a sense on how they are taking your words,” explained Mrs. DeBritton. When one person is not face to face with the person they are bullying they do not realize how much or maybe how little of an impact they are making. If the impact is not seen, then the bully will not know when to stop and will just keep going.

Mrs. DeBritton said that “[Students] usually get cyberbullied on Snapchat and Instagram, but there are always new apps and websites popping up.” On Instagram, hate accounts have been made about a person to rant about how mean or annoying they are. Fake accounts can also be made to trick people into thinking that someone who goes to a school nearby saw something you posted and thought you were ugly. Sometimes the bullies spread rumors on the accounts about the person they are cyberbullying. The accounts also post about people who are the “prettiest in Stacey” and will make the people not posted on the account feel bad about themselves.

Even though cyberbullying might not be face to face bullying or physical abuse, it is still a form of violence and can take a bigger toll on someone than the bully realizes. “20% of kids ever cyberbullied think about suicide and 1 in 10 kids will attempt it,” states

The best thing you can do for someone being cyberbullied is to report the account to Mrs. DeBritton or Mrs. Hernandez and if you would like to take it a step further, calmly message the account asking them why they felt like they needed to do this.

Cyberbullying is just plain sad and not an okay way to deal with a problem. If a person has a problem with another they should just calmly talk it out or just flat out avoid them for as long as needed. Cyberbullying is unnecessary and should just stop before it gets out of hand.

And if you ever begin contemplating suicide, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK


  1. It doesn’t always work that way, if someone posted something about you on Instagram, that would just lead to humiliation which you cannot block.


    • why would you care what someone you never met thinks about you? and it doesn’t lead to real life bullying if you just ignore them because they can tell you don’t care. The trick is to not be easily hurt because that gives them the power. You’re letting them control your feelings


  2. Ahem…somebody made a fake hate account on Instagram called “Caitlyn is a bitch”.


  3. Great article, Madelyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD XDDDDDDDDDDDD


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