Crushed 3

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Kelsey Bisetti

Let me preface this by saying, cheating is never okay. Having said that, in light of recent events, I think it would be a good opportunity to reflect on the stress put on our students.

Anyone can attest to the fact that school is very stressful. Whether you’re a straight-A student or just scraping by, classes are tough and socializing is tougher.

The pressure of all this would take a toll on anyone, but those who are most affected are often those you’d least suspect.

Students in AP classes so often feel this pressure that they are the most likely to cheat.

I speak from experience when I say, it’s hard to live with those expectations. While most students are happy with a 3.0 or even a 2.5, I’ve never been satisfied with anything below a 4.0. And I’m not alone. So many other students are belittled if they do anything less than perfect. I have been grounded for having a 94% in what my parents’ deemed “an easy class”.

And to make matters worse, others compare themselves to us and make a big deal of having better or worse grades. It’s cruel but near impossible to avoid.

You know that feeling you get right before a test? That fear in the bottom of your stomach because you know how much this will affect your grade?

That feeling terrorizes students and I’m not alone in my hatred for it.

Eighth-grader, Jasper Coomes, says, “It’s just a lot of pressure. And it’s really disappointing if you work so hard and still do bad.”

My point is, maybe there’s a way to change this.

Many organizations are trying to abolish or at decrease the popularity of standardized testing, due to the stress it puts on students.

This is a petition created by MoveOn encouraging officials to put an end to standardized testing.

Good luck, my lovely Cougars and please remember you’re perfect just the way you are.


  1. Any GPA from 3 up is okay for me, but I usually get 3.4 and above, so when my GPA dips to 3.1, I’m like,”What?”


  2. I always try my best but fail to get a 4.0 or above. I’m fine with whatever GPA I have as long it’s above a 3.5 but my parents always compare me to my sister who always has top-notch grades. It makes feel disappointed and worthless and that I can never be as smart as my sister.


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