What Does Orange Represent? 10

Alyssa Manson

You may be wondering why we wore orange on March 14th. To begin with, it was meant to honor those affected in Parkland, Florida. At lunch, students looked for the orange banners and wrote their name on them to show they stood in solidarity with the students, staff, and families.

Why orange? What does orange mean?

Orange is a color associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics.

This trend started in 2015 when a 15-year-old girl named from Chicago named Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed. Her friends, in an attempt to raise awareness and call for stricter gun control laws, wore orange. As they explained it, orange is the color hunters wear to protect themselves. It’s bright, you can’t miss it, and it really means something.

Therefore, we wear this color to show awareness for the victims who were affected during the Parkland, Florida shooting, as well as other acts of gun violence.


    • I knew a bit too late, but I happened to be wearing an orange shirt.


    • Well, you have every right to think that, but orange was more so meant to represent and honour those lost to the Parkland shooting. Also, most advocates for stricter gun laws, myself included, don’t want to take away guns. They just want to limit their ability to hurt innocent people.


      • @Kelsey
        Why won’t you honor the 26 people who died during the Sunderland shooting and the man that shot the shooter and saved many lives? This isn’t about “Honoring” this is about pushing leftist political agendas.


      • To me, orange is meant to represent all victims of gun violence, including those in the Sunderland shooting, Sandy Hook, Christina Grimmie, et cetera. I just gave Parkland as an example. And for the record, I’m not “pushing leftish political agendas”. I’m not even a democrat and to be honest, I could care less about politics. I just know that I wouldn’t be able to survive if this had happened to someone I love. It’s about empathy and care. Not taking away people’s rights. Can’t we just agree that this was an awful event? If nothing else, can we at least acknowledge that? Why do we always have to fight over one extreme or another instead of just adapting. We don’t have to take away guns entirely, but changing some laws might help prevent more events like this. There’s always grey area.


      • honour is British English. Honor is how you would spell it in the U.S.


      • @Kelsey
        I never said I didn’t give sympathy for the victims, of course I do, but just because you experienced shootings doesn’t mean you’re an expert. And the media never mentions the Sunderland shooting because it doesn’t support their claim that “guns are bad” so they keep it hidden so it’s obviously not about the kids dying, it’s to push political agenda. These gun laws you want only effect law abiding citizens and takes their freedom away, not criminals because they will break the law anyway, that’s why they are criminals.


  1. Exactly, people who support the movement just don’t want people who are insane or crazy to get their hands on a rifle and what not.


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