#NeverAgain 10

11256What is #NeverAgain?

On March 14, students around the world held a national walkout at 10 a.m. for 17 minutes, one minute for each victim of the Parkland shooting. Those marching were advocating for stricter gun-control laws and more mental health resources for treating troubled peers.

Although students at Stacey weren’t allowed to walk-out, they still were allowed to show their respect and support towards the #NeverAgain movement.

Since the Westminster School District didn’t allow the walkout, at Stacey Middle School, leadership students came up with a better plan.

Students were encouraged to wear the color orange, which is symbolic of strength and endurance. A poster was set up with the title, #NeverAgain, that students signed the poster to show support for the movement.

Daphne Coito, an eighth grader here at Stacey, said, “I, at first, was sort of upset that we couldn’t walk out, but I understood. We would be missing class and would ‘technically’ be ditching school. But I was happy to know that Stacey made an effort for us to show our opinions and protest [for] stricter gun laws.”


    • In Mr. Mitchell’s class, you got credit in your grade for not walking out.


  1. If you ask me, only the military should have guns, because when the public has guns, school shootings happen.


  2. What about the Sunderland shooting? No one’s gonna talk about that because the man used a gun to protect the people from the shooter? You know 26 people died but you guys only talk about the Florida shooting because it pushes your political agenda forward.


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