It Happened – Multicultural Night 2

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Juneau Resnick and Kelsey Bisetti

On March 2, Stacey Middle School had its annual Multicultural Night, but with a twist: Subcultures! This event was one to bring together all the different cultures to educate the community and celebrate our diversity. Some of the members of the Cougar Chronicle were there taking in all the excitement, so don’t fret if you didn’t get the chance to come, we’ll fill you in.

Once in the MPR, visitors were immediately greeted by the amount of enthusiasm coming from the atmosphere. There were decorations from nearly every culture coating the walls, and the different smells from the array of foods they had were amazing. The space was colorfully decorated with mementos from different places and lifestyles. You couldn’t help but have a smile on your face once you entered this melting pot of culture.

To see just how exciting this was for the rest of the participants and the onlookers, the Cougar Chronicle went undercover, so to speak, to ask what people thought of the outcome. “ I really like the cultural diversity about it”, said Kelsey Tang, who was there taking in the astonishing atmosphere.

So many people were in on the action, including several Stacey alumni. During the night, Ms. Walters talked to Heather Tran and Quang Truong, who graduated from Stacey, being in the first journalism class ever, in 2015.

There were all sorts of different cultures represented at this event (Poland, China, Vietnam, Japan, et cetera). That’s just the beginning, though. There was a punk booth, a K-Pop booth. and tons of others subcultures throughout the room. Each culture booth served well-known foods from that region. Mexico served tamales, South Korea served spicy noodles (made famous by the spicy noodle challenge), and the Harry Potter booth had Butterbeer (a magical caramel root beer concoction).

Dance Club and Stacey’s band performed. There were some fabulous lion dancers and the K-Pop dancers held their audience captive. Ukulele Club performed Wipe Out, Popcorn, and The Mamba.  And to top it all, Mr. Vivar and his wife performed a beautiful salsa dance together.

Builders Club set up a face painting booth with the option of getting a temporary flag tattoo or having something else painted on your face (flag, flower, rainbow). They were busy the entire time, but Gavin Mercado, Builders Club’s treasurer, says, “It was fun, and I had a great time.”

If you missed Multicultural Night, there is always next year. Even if you aren’t going to go to Stacey next year, so listen up eighth graders, you can still come.

This school event is made to showcase all the different cultures we come from. This is an event that welcomes you, no matter where you come from or who you are.


  1. Marina’s Japanese students even had their own booth. Their attraction was that people got their name written in Japanese. The sad thing is that those 2 girls are seniors (12th graders), so I won’t get to see them next year.


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