Don’t Fret, Report Cards Aren’t Here . . . Yet 1

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Averi Farren

Report cards are quickly approaching via mail. The second trimester ended on Friday, March 9th, and the third trimester started on Monday, March 12th. That means the second trimesters report cards are going to be mailed home March 27th.

For many students, the first Trimester is the easiest and the second trimester is exceedingly rougher.

Many of you fret the day report cards get sent home. Its normal for students to be nervous when report cards arrive even if you have great grades.

For those of you that have outstanding 4.0’s even you still worry sometimes because your grades aren’t all an A+, and for those students that are aware of their not-so-great grades, be prepared and try harder in this third trimester for the grades you desire.

Remember it is possible and it can be achieved, just put in the effort and work to the best of your abilities.

There’s still time before the end of the year to get that 3.0 or 4.0 for some even a 2.0 is an improvement. It is all about improvement.

So get to work, Stacey, and make sure to turn in all your work on time.

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  1. second trimester report cards will be mailed home March 27th*


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