Tech Trek 4

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Avalyn Walton

Students at Stacey Middle School value different things and excel in different things. Some students value the arts more than anything, whereas some value athleticism. However, many students have made math and science their number one priority and will take any opportunity to advance in those subjects.

Luckily for a chosen few, a science camp called Tech Trek just might give an opportunity to advance their learning. Of course, it isn’t open for all kids at Stacey Middle School. For starters, it’s only open to seventh graders. Second, it’s a girls-only camp. Whether that’s because the students will have to share dorms with one another or to aid the female empowerment movement is unknown, but one thing is for certain, there will be no boys at this camp.

Additionally. not all girls that want to attend will be able to though. Each science teacher at Stacey carefully selected students that they believe will value the experience, and from those students, only four from the seventh grade were given an application. In the end, only one of them will actually get to go. Whether or not they chose to apply, was up to them. If chosen, they will be able to stay on the UC Irvine campus and sleep in the dorms.

The girls given an application were Jessica Nguyen, Kennedy Van Asperson, Avalyn Walton, and Sonia Majid. Sadly enough, Kennedy was not able to send in an application.

All these girls are fabulous students and have good, strong work ethics. Here is to hoping that the chosen girl has a good time at the camp and learns as much as she can. Keep learning Stacey Cougars!


  1. I don’t know, like the whole “Girl’s Only Math Tournament” I feel like Tech Trek is just a little biased. I am sure they could add boys sleeping quarters as well if they feel uncomfortable about that (which most are) which is completely understandable. They say “everyone’s opportunities should be the same.” Well, the people who say that and support “boys only” or “girls only” camps or tournaments are going against their points by creating or supporting these types of activities.


    • Yeah, just because there aren’t much women in jobs doesn’t mean Tech Trek can’t have boys. Sexist.


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