YouTuber of the Week: iiSuperwomanii Reply

Screenshot 2018-03-12 at 9.04.10 AM.png

Gavin Mercado

This YouTuber of the Week was requested by Eve Jordan.

It’s ya girl sup—, whoops, wrong line. Anyways, iiSuperwomanii or Superwoman is a comedic and inspirational YouTuber.

Her goal is to inspire others to pursue their dreams. The majority of her videos are collaborations with various YouTubers such as Liza Koshy.

Videos that she publishes on the internet are always non-explicit so any age can watch Superwoman. She loves the diversity of her audience.

One thing she talks about is how anyone can be his or her own Superman or Superwoman. Or maybe Superperson? You can be your own hero.

She works with foundations like ME to WE and promotes #GirlLove. She’s working towards equality by touching one life at a time.

Well my lovelies, I am afraid that the YouTuber of the Week series is coming to an end. To vote for the last YouTuber please click  (HERE).  That’s all for now, Cougars. Please have a super day!

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