Girls Only Math Tournament 8

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Juneau Resnick

How many girls out there are intimidated by all the boys who have dominated fields like science and robotics? How many girls don’t want to be the Barbie doll, fashionista girl?

Finally, there is an all girls’ math competition. It’s sponsored by the Vietnamese American Aerospace Professional Association or VAAPA. It will take place at Warner Middle School.

This competition will take place on Saturday, April 21 from 1:00 to 4:30 and is open to girls between third and eighth grades.

Registration opened on March 1st.

This competition will open up new doors for the female scientist or engineer and teach girls to embrace who they want to be and make their own path to follow.

For more information go to or contact

If you go down the road that isn’t paved, new discoveries await your every step.



  1. I don’t really enjoy this idea, I have never seen a math competition before (which I have always wanted to join), yet here I am disappointed because I cannot participate because of what gender I was born with. Yet, if there was a boys only math competition, we would all get called out for being sexist and what not. Kelsey agrees with me.


  2. Why are you excluding men when you dislike people excluding women so much? Maybe men dominate because 60% of workers are male


  3. To be honest, I would love to have an everyone math tournament here at Stacey. Where EVERYONE could compete. Not just girls and not just boys. It would be super fun, especially because there is really no “math clubs” at Stacey except for Math Breakfast Club which is only if you need help. We don’t have a club for people who genuinely like Math and want to not only do it every day in school but want to do it outside of school as well.


  4. “Finally, there will be a girl’s only math competition” the only math competitions I’ve seen are girls only. I feel that is very biased.


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