What Does Orange Represent? 3

Alyssa Manson

You may be wondering why we wore orange on March 14th. To begin with, it was meant to honor those affected in Parkland, Florida. At lunch, students looked for the orange banners and wrote their name on them to show they stood in solidarity with the students, staff, and families.

Why orange? What does orange mean? More…

#NeverAgain 10

11256What is #NeverAgain?

On March 14, students around the world held a national walkout at 10 a.m. for 17 minutes, one minute for each victim of the Parkland shooting. Those marching were advocating for stricter gun-control laws and more mental health resources for treating troubled peers.

Although students at Stacey weren’t allowed to walk-out, they still were allowed to show their respect and support towards the #NeverAgain movement.

Since the Westminster School District didn’t allow the walkout, at Stacey Middle School, leadership students came up with a better plan. More…

It Happened – Multicultural Night 2

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Juneau Resnick and Kelsey Bisetti

On March 2, Stacey Middle School had its annual Multicultural Night, but with a twist: Subcultures! This event was one to bring together all the different cultures to educate the community and celebrate our diversity. Some of the members of the Cougar Chronicle were there taking in all the excitement, so don’t fret if you didn’t get the chance to come, we’ll fill you in.

Once in the MPR, visitors were immediately greeted by the amount of enthusiasm coming from the atmosphere. There were decorations from nearly every culture coating the walls, and the different smells from the array of foods they had were amazing. The space was colorfully decorated with mementos from different places and lifestyles. You couldn’t help but have a smile on your face once you entered this melting pot of culture. More…

Florida International University Bridge Collapse 1

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Ashley Wolf

A pedestrian bridge was under construction to connect Florida International University and a neighborhood that was home to around 4,000 of their students after someone died trying to cross the street.

Rescuers worked long days and hours to extract all of the victims. “I believe that is the final count,” Miami-Dade County Police Director Juan Perez said on Saturday. “This ends with a tragedy of six. … We are pretty confident that no one is left.” Rescuers took a break on  Saturday to pay tribute to the victims.

A police motorcade escorted the remains of five victims to the medical examiner’s office. A sixth person shortly died at the hospital. More…

New Trimester, New Me! 1

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Mariah Escatel

It’s out with the old and in with the new. Goodbye clouds of grey, hello skies of blue. That’s right, the new trimester is happening! *credit to High School Musical 2*

A new trimester means a new chance to start over! Students are able to drop old attitudes and work habits and start off fresh.

A friendly reminder for seventh graders: Your grades count towards graduation, so make sure to keep that pesky GPA well above a 2.0.

A less friendly reminder for eighth graders: Your grades are extremely necessary to graduate, especially if you slacked off during 7th grade. Maintain above a 2.0 GPA at all costs. Get ready for the next few months, where you’ll be faced with a film project, the newspaper project, essays, exit interviews, portfolios, resumes, graduation– it’s all coming! This last trimester will wiz by! More…

Don’t Fret, Report Cards Aren’t Here . . . Yet 1

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Averi Farren

Report cards are quickly approaching via mail. The second trimester ended on Friday, March 9th, and the third trimester started on Monday, March 12th. That means the second trimesters report cards are going to be mailed home March 27th.

For many students, the first Trimester is the easiest and the second trimester is exceedingly rougher.

Many of you fret the day report cards get sent home. Its normal for students to be nervous when report cards arrive even if you have great grades. More…

Coins For Kindness Reply

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Mia Grasse

At lunch last week, students wrote kind notes to other students on little yellow (paper) coins. This campaign, sponsored by AVID, was another way for Stacey students to show kindness.

The coins were delivered during eighth period Friday, March 16. The best part about these small little grams is that they were free. So students could write as many as they wanted to as many people as they wanted.

Most importantly, the people who have shown the most kindness are the AVID student and teachers who put together this event. So let’s remember to thank them and show them a little kindness. More…

3rd Trimester, Already? 4

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Kevin Luu

Two trimesters have passed and the third trimester is already here. That was kind of fast, huh? The good news is, there will be a fresh start in your grades. Look forward to this trimester.

What is a trimester, I hear you asking? Well, a trimester divides the school year into three seasons: fall, winter, and spring.

According to StudyUSA.com, “In the USA, many middle schools and high schools use the trimester system while most higher education institutions use semesters.” It’s not just our school that’s using the trimester system; other schools do it as well. More…

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Reply

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Avalyn Walton

Almost everyone loves cookies, with the sweet and delicious flavor found in every bite. And Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough is no exception to that statement. That is why this year, the Stacey Middle School fundraiser will be having students sell cookie dough to win a variety of prizes, depending on the amount sold.

There will be many different Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough flavors to choose from, and most people are sure to find at least one they enjoy. The money earned from this fundraiser will go towards the yearly cost of Jupiter Ed and other school activities. Overall, this spring fundraiser will help benefit not only the students but the entire school. More…

What in the World is a Rubik’s Cube? 1

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Kevin Luu

The Rubik’s Cube is a 3D puzzle by a Hungarian sculptor and professor Ernő Rubik. There are six colors and each side is colored by nine stickers.

For the puzzle to be solved, each side must have only one color. Although the Rubik’s Cube reached its height of mainstream popularity in the 1980s, it is still widely known and used.

Many speedcubers continue to practice it and other twisty puzzles and compete for the fastest times in various categories. Since 2003, The World Cube Association, the Rubik’s Cube’s international governing body, has organized competitions worldwide and kept the official world records. More…