YouTuber of the Week: Geography Now! 3


Gavin Mercado

Welcome back to another YouTuber of the Week! This week’s YouTuber is Geography Now! requested by Andy.

Geography Now! is a YouTuber who obviously talks about geography. This channel has a male host, and in every episode, he talks about different countries.

He talks briefly about the country’s culture. Then, he goes on to show where it is located, such as the continent, where it lies in relation to the equator, and what surrounds it.

His channel is especially useful if you are studying a certain region in Social Studies, such as Japan. For example, in some seventh-grade students watched his Japan video. The narrator discussed the location, the culture, and modern Japanese culture.

It is also a great place to get some basic information of a place you would like to visit in the future.

Geography Now! is a great channel for you to learn about places exotic new places.  

Now please request YouTubers at the link below instead of in the comments. This was the last YouTuber of the Week that will be accepted through the comments. Now Cougars, have an educational day!

Request a YouTuber HERE.


  1. Thanks Gavin for making this article on my request.



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