What is the Illuminati? A Triangle of Hope, or Something More Sinister? 6

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Gavin Mercado

Ah yes, we all know of the very famous internet meme. The Illuminati crushed other memes and was popular for a whopping two years! Even Taco Bell featured the Illuminati on their commercial for a triangular shaped treat.

Now, some may be wondering, how was this whole Illuminati thing started? Well, in 1776 Bavarian Illuminati started his self-titled “secret society organization” In the 19th and 20th century, the Illuminati vanished never to be seen again until, well, pretty recent actually.

With the rise of internet memes like Pepe, the Illuminati was rediscovered and became popular. Many believe that there are members of the Illuminati today. Also, many others think the government may be involved.

Obviously many do as Briggs Fleming, a seventh-grader here at Stacey, says, “My grandpa was a member of the Illuminati. I totally believe there are still members today.”  

I guess we will have to wait and see if the Illuminati is a real thing. Do you believe in the Illuminati? Or does it believe in you? Have a triangular week, Stacey! 🙂


  1. is it bad to search anything up about the Illuminati? I googled it and a blog said i shouldnt have because now im on a list that might be tracking me.


  2. The Illuminati triangle in there isn’t an equilateral triangle, which is a symbol of the Illuminati. It’s an isoceles triangle.


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