Stacey Safety 3

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Juneau Resnick and Alyssa Manson

At this point, it’s been all over the news, the Parkland Florida high school shooting. This article is not here to tell you any more details about this incident because there has already been plenty written. It’s here to let you know how we are prepared at Stacey for such a hopefully unlikely event.

We interviewed Mrs.DeBritton and spoke of the precautions she and the rest of the district have put in place in the past that will prevent that situation from happening here.

The point being, Stacey is extremely safe, which is good. But how do we make sure it stays that way? Small things can be done to prevent horrific events like what happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The district will have to consider adding any additional safety procedures such as metal detectors. 

At this point, all the teachers at this school were taken to an active shooter training in December. Also, on the Westminster School District website, it states that all schools practice lockdown procedures and lockdown drills on a regular basis. Mrs. DeBritton also has a means of communication with the Anaheim Police Department, which is used as a means of protection. The safety of the students, as well as the teachers, is of utmost importance, which is why all schools in this district are closed campuses with extensive fencing, gates, and security.

These are just some of the precautions that have already been put in place not only in this district but across the country.

Mrs. DeBritton brings all the teachers, new and old to a meeting before school begins. This is just so everyone is prepared for what could happen. If a disaster were to strike, each teacher has a specific job. This helps the organization of the system so that each teacher doesn’t feel like they are stretched to the brim with jobs to do. Some teachers are in charge of search and rescue of students, the other is in charge of alerting the parent(s), others are in charge of first aid, etc.

We at Stacey, as well as the district,  are always continuing to look at ways to keep students and staff safe.

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  1. I understand where you are coming from, but I would actually feel more threatened. What if a teacher gets pissed at a student and goes off the rails? We would have no means to protect ourselves against an armed authority figure


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