How Do We Do The Announcements! Reply

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Gwyndalynn Kent

Every morning, Tuesday through Friday, Journalism students do the morning announcements on the loudspeakers. This week though, you’ll learn how Ashley Wolf, Mia Grasse, and Gwyndalynn Kent do the announcements.

The three girls always do the announcements on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. To do the announcements they follow just a couple really simple steps to make sure they don’t mess up and so all students can understand clearly what they say (even though they do still mess up sometimes).

Here are the steps to know exactly how we do the announcements.

Step 1: Obviously Ms. Walters writes the girls a nice script for them to say on the announcements.

Step 2: The night before they do the announcements Gwyndalynn highlights the script for each color. Gwyn has orange, for her favorite color, Mia has blue (I don’t know why), and Ashley has green because it was her favorite color at the time.

Step 3: We always have to pick the right song. For example, in the video (coming soon) we’re hard at work making, we play H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line

Step 4: Once the 8:15 bell rings to signify the beginning of the school day we enter the secret code into the phone.

Step 5: Then, we read the script into the phone.

There you have it! That is how Ashley, Mia, and Gwyn do your morning announcements.

Don’t worry this isn’t the end. If you want to visually see what we do wait for a couple of weeks when we post a video as part two.

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