Smile! 48

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Mariah Escatel

Meet Zoe king. She claims to have never taken a perfect photo, although her friends disagree. She dreads the semiannual picture days.

“”I always look bad,” says Zoe King.

Though, she’s not the only one. Many of the Stacey Middle School students believe that their picture always seems to come out awkward.

Speaking of pictures, Spring picture day is here. Tuesday, Feb. 27th.

This year students are in for quite the treat.

First of all, could we get a round of applause for the school for finally catching on to the galaxy trend? As it is seen as one of the six background options. It is arguable if they are late on this trend or not. Perhaps with the new backgrounds, Zoe King will finally be pleased. Another new addition to the spring photos is that students are now allowed to, “bring your own prop on picture day!” Whether you would like to pose with your clarinet or football, students can bring any prop.

There’s no need to come to school with money after picture day you will receive a portrait package to review and purchase.

Stay smiling, Stacey Students!



    • gavin, its great to hear that you think that my feelings are insignificant and powerless. Hey, maybe that’s why they’re having that all-girls math competition! Maybe lots of girls felt unimportant, JUST LIKE ME, or voiceless so teachers and administrators felt the need to make them feel important.

      do you know where I can get a flyer?


  1. My point once again, it’s not fair that only girls can be in the math competition, everyone else should have the same opportunities. Like Kelsey said a while ago, “There is no such thing as too equal, but the pendulum can swing too far”. In this case, the pendulum swung too far.


  2. Your feelings aren’t irrelevant because you are a girl it’s because of your personality. Don’t use your gender to play victim or as an excuse because it gets really old


  3. I like how the majority of these comments are Mariah and I roasting each other, oh wait, I mean me roasting Mariah


    • actually, it’s me roasting you and then you coming back at me with pathetic “roasts” because you think you’re winning by commenting last then you try to come at me by calling me irrelevant and trying to hurt my feeling when we both know that im super relevant, I mean this is MY story.


    • sorry to burst your bubble, Gavin, but you were easily trying too hard. Do you call that roasting? sorry, little guy, you were trying to light a match but no spark was lit. xoxo


    • 1) I didn’t ask for your approval im a big 8th-grade girl. I can end a conversation when I want to
      2)”*cough on this story cough*” oh so you mean your gonna talk to me in person? mmm, cause you haven’t said a word to me about this in person, I was beginning to believe you were scared or something– which you shouldn’t be, I don’t bite I promise.

      now please do not comment unless it involves the story, that’s what the comment section is for
      it has been fun
      xoxo Mariah


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