Mrs. Valverde, Multicultural Night and its New Features Reply

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Juneau Resnick and Alyssa Manson

Multicultural Night is on the horizon. It will be on Friday, March 2nd. As usual, Mrs. Valverde is working tirelessly to make this an event where everyone can be themselves and feel at home. We sat down with Mrs. Valverde to ask about how much this school event has evolved and changed over the years. 

Before we get into the interview, though, we want to give you an idea as to how much goes into an event like this. There are dozens of booths at this activity, which means a lot of research on different cultures and a lot of planning and organizing. Mrs. Valverde also has to monitor how the students are doing along the way. She has to double check everything.

Imagine being a teacher, having to plan lessons, grade all of her students’ assignments, having to manage your life, pay your own bills, and then having to plan a school event! I’m having trouble just being a teenager, let alone an adult.

And as if all of this chaos isn’t enough, this year Multicultural Night includes subcultures! Things like Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, and Pokemon can be represented. 

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We were able to catch our “Wonder Woman” in the middle of her busy schedule to ask a Mrs. Valverde a few questions. She said, “Multicultural night is a day where students can be able to show their deeper colors, who they are, and share it with other children around them. It’s amazing seeing them so happy learning about others.”

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When asked what outcome she wishes for the students, she proclaims, “I hope the students have a better understanding of the people around them, and all the different cultures out there and their uniqueness.”

Mrs. Valverde is very passionate about diversity. She loves learning about all the different parts of the world, people, and religions, which is why she chose to run the Multicultural Night event. “It’s just my thing. It’s what I do, every year, and every year it’s so unique, which is what makes it so special and so fun to do.”

As a woman who is compassionate about diversity and difference, Mrs. Valverde brings that sense of culture to our school through this event. 

Hopefully, everyone has a person like her in their lives, one who opens your eyes and teaches you things that make you see things differently. Those people are the ones who change the course of your lives.  

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