YouTuber of the Week: Liza Koshy 11

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Gavin Mercado

Remember last week? We showed a YouTuber that does cool magic tricks that obviously show some intellectual intelligence. This week, though, we go back to an IQ of zero. Meet Liza Koshy! A very famous comedian on YouTube with over ten million subscribers!

Like Zach King, she started on Vine and then became what she is today. Her videos contain many characters, such as her most famous character, Helga. Helga is from somewhere in Asia, drinks goat milk, and talks about how she hates Donald Trump.

Some of her comments may be mature, however, her language has never been explicit.

Liza also has a second channel called Liza Koshy Too. Which at the moment has over two million subscribers. There she does bloopers and some vlogs with David.

Liza is still succeeding with a net worth of over $500,000. Some people don’t know what net worth is. Net worth is the money and assets a person has minus their bills, fees, loans, etc.

Are you enjoying YouTuber of the Week? Please, please, please use the link below to suggest more YouTubers!. Until next time my beautiful, lovely, weird, strange, interesting, colorful Cougars. Have a fantastic day!


    • I researched Max and he had explicit and somewhat sexual content on his channel. I do not mind a little bit of explicitness, however sexual content does not qualify.

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  1. Mariah you need to fill out the form on next week’s article, because i had a few requests before you, fill out the form on the article next week if you would like Shane to be a YouTuber of the Week :)))


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