Wait, Who Won the Super Bowl? Reply

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Ashley Wolf

Can we all agree that this year’s Super Bowl was great? With this year being the Patriots 10th Super Bowl, a lot of people thought they would take home their 6th Super Bowl win, but the Eagles were in the lead the whole game except for the 3rd quarter.

The first quarter was 9-3 Eagles in the lead, the second quarter was great and the Eagles were still in the lead 22-12.

Then came the halftime show. The songs were great, Justin Timberlake sang a mashup of songs such as “Filthy”, “Rock Your Body”,”Senorita”,”SexyBack”, “My Love”, “Cry Me a River”, “Suit & Tie”, “Until the End of Time”, “I Would Die 4 U”, “Mirrors”, and “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” During the performance, Timberlake went up into the stands and a kid took out his phone to take a selfie with the star, but what was he doing on his phone for so long? Well, the question of “how long did it take him to open the camera?” caused an outbreak of memes.

People are also talking about is Justin’s outfit. Caitlyn Timmons describes it as a “Camouflage cowboy who is trying too hard.” What do you think about his fashion choice? 

During the second half of the game, the Patriots gained a 14 points lead in the third quarter, and fans were thinking it was the start of a comeback. Nope, the Eagles were still gaining points fast and ended up winning the game 41-33.

The Eagles won their first Super Bowl!

Several records were set during the game, including most yards gained in an NFL game by both teams combined: 1,151.

This was a great game overall. Congrats to the Eagles on winning their first Super Bowl! Don’t forget to comment on what you think about Justin Timberlake’s outfit.


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