Musical Mondays 2018! 4

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Mariah Escatel

The Cougar Chronicle has many series such as, “Ask Sam,” “Would You Make That Deal,” “Publication Posse,” “What Even Is,” “I Will Never Do Better Than This- Quang Truong’s Horrific Guide to This Week’s “Useful” News,” but one of many student’s favorites was “Musical Mondays,” originally run by Tyler Serrano, now a 10th-grader at Marina High School. It was then taken up by current ninth graders Delaney Powell and Justin Pham (also at Marina), and is now being brought back to life! Here goes.

According to Billboard Top 100, this is the hot top ten for this week in February 2018.

Tenth place: “Thunder,” by Imagine Dragons. This “bopping” song was most recognized from the popular TV show, Riverdale. in the iconic Alice Cooper glow up scene.

Ninth place: “Say Something,” by Justin Timberlake, featuring Chris Stapleton. This upbeat tune is a classic Justin Timberlake heartthrob.

Eighth place: “Motorsport,” by Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B. This song has the typical “SoundCloud rapper” theme. Its futuristic and trendy vibes make it something you’ll want to listen to for hours.

Seventh place: “New Rules,” by Dua Lipa. The song can be described as empowering since it is about empowering women.

Sixth place: “Bad at Love,” by Halsey. Words used to describe this song would be, relatable, realistic, and the list of synonyms continues. Just look at the title.

Fifth place: “Rockstar,” Post-Malone featuring 21 Savage. Yet again it’s your typical rap song, but still very catchy. Although, it went down on the charts.

Fourth place: “Havana,” by Camila Cabello featuring Young Thug. All of our hearts are into this song! With its catchy latin tune, and uplifting rapping, how could listeners not be obsessed!

Third place: “Finesse,” by Bruno Mars and Cardi B: Flashback to the 90’s! With a retro beat, this song brings back many memories to fellow 90’s kids. This song is climbing up to the top!

Second place: “Perfect,” by Ed Sheeran. Classic. Lovely. Beautiful. “Melts your heart.” Caitlyn Timmons said, “It’s so beautiful. It’s the type of song I would play at my wedding.”

Drumroll, please…. And in first place we have, “God’s Plan,” by Drake. Give a round of applause to our pal Drake for making it to the top!


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